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iPad 2

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I got the new iPad 2 a couple of weeks ago and I have had no problems with it! Before the iPad I had the Motorola Xoom, and while there was more freedom with it there were also more problems. Apple has went out of its way to get exclusive rights to a lot of high end parts that no other manufacturer can get. By doing so when they make a product it is the best. Sure there a a couple of things that I wish I still had that the Xoom had like flash, and widgets on the home screen, but I am willing to give that up for speed and reliability. 

Another, huge benefit of the iPad is the App store where there are tons of apps made specifically for the iPad! There is a huge difference in running an app that was made for a phone on a tablet versus having a app that is specifically made for a tablet. 

Debt Management Calculator

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What is Debt Management?

Debt management is a way for people with large debts or damaged credit to get their financial situation back under control. Debt management involves a third party organization, company or person who will help the debtor with the repayment of his or her debts. Debt management is often the best solution for debtors that can no longer afford to repay their credits.

Types of Debt Management

There are many types of companies and organizations that offer debt management and third party services. The first type of debt management is the fee-chargeable debt management. Professional credit counseling companies usually offer this kind of debt management and third party services. The debtor will be offered help with the repayment of his debts. In exchange he will have to pay a number of fees, which may include a monthly or on-going fee and several ‘administrator fees’ to the debt management company. Although the debtor has to pay a number of fees in order to benefit from professional debt management and third party services, it many cases the debtor's will save money and get his financial situation under control.

Professional credit counseling companies who offer debt management and third party services for debtors with heavy debt usually have a credit liaison department that will negotiate new interest rates and payments with the debtor's creditors and lenders. Most times, the end result of the negotiation is much better for the debtor when the negotiation has been made by a professional credit liaison department, instead of a government organization or charity, which are free or low cost debt management service providers.

What is a Debt Management Calculator?

Whether a debtor makes use of professional and fee chargeable debt management and third party services or free or low cost debt management and third party services, there are several steps that the debtor must go through. In the first step, the third party and the debtor must calculate the entire amount of debt owned by the debtor to all his or her creditors and lenders.

A debt management calculator is a tool which offers the debtor and the third party help in order to properly determine the exact amount owed by the debtor to his or her creditors and lenders. A debt management calculator will also help determine the maximum reasonable amount the debtor is able to repay per month. A debt management calculator will also help the debtors determine the exact amount of income and expenses and it will help the debtor determine what the best solution for his debts is. Professional debt management calculators can also determine the fastest and best solutions for a certain debtor to repay all his/her debts.

There are many such debt management calculators available online. Several professional debt management calculators are entirely free. A debt management calculator is a perfect tool for a debtor who makes us of debt management in order to get his financial problems back under control. Online debt management calculators can precisely determine the exact amount of debt owed by a debtor and they can also determine exactly what the best and most reasonable solution is. This is why debt management calculators are a very powerful tool for managing debt.


What is Debt Management?

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What is Debt Management?

An Introduction to Debt Management

There are many standard financial definitions for debt management. Debt management consists of involving a third party person to help the debtor repay his or her credit. There are many companies that offer professional debt management plans in order to help people with damaged credit and/or heavy debt to repay their loans.

Types of Debt Management

Debt management groups are usually companies who also specialize in credit counseling. These companies can offer high quality debt management plans to help customers get their financial situations under control. What debt management basically means is spending less than you make. However, taking into consideration all financial intents and purposes, debt management is in fact a well-structured debt repayment plan established by a designated third party. A person can request the services of a debt management company either as a result of personal intention or court order.

Debt Management Plans

All debt management plans entail a series of carefully thought through steps. These steps are to be established by the third party, with help from the debtor. The first step of creating a debt management plan is usually to compile a list of all the creditors and the exact amounts the debtor owns to each of them. Not all creditors are eligible for inclusion in debt management plans. For example, home loans and car loans, which are secured debts, cannot be included into a debt management plan. However, many creditors can be included in debt management plans, as in most cases, this suits the creditor's best interest, as a debt management plan will give the debtor the possibility to repay his debts.


After the third party person and the debtor have successfully compiled the full list of creditors and exact amounts owed by the debtor, they must calculate the total amount of expenses for the debtor. This total amount generally includes all types of expenses, including rent payments or mortgage payments, living expenses, as well as other expenses. Then, the third party person and the debtor must calculate the maximum amount of money that can be allocated for the debt repayment plan. In most cases, a third party person or service will try to settle some debt amounts and lower or avoid practicing any interest during the period in which the debt is being repaid.

Who Qualifies for Debt Management Plans

A debtor whose total debt value is below 10,000 USD may not qualify for third party services and debt management plans. It is important for both debtors and third party persons or services to understand that using debt management plans will impact the debtor's credit score hence, many available credits will be out of reach for some time. Also, there is a small fee to be paid when establishing a debt management plan.

In essence, a debt management plan may help a debtor with the repayment of his debts. All persons who are more than $10,000 in debt may qualify for third party help with their debt. A debt management plan is designed to help debtors get their financial situations under control and most of the time it manages to meet its purpose.


Off Topic: Google Adsense

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By:Steven Garcia
Posted: May 29, 2011
I started using Google Adsense a couple of days ago. I figured since I have this website I should try and make some money from it considering how much it has cost me so far. It was a lot easier than I thought is was going to be, once you have your account created all you have to do is copy the HTML that they provide to your site. Right now I am trying to figure out how to get more visitors to my site. The first thing I did was submit my website to all the popular search engines, I think it has brought my rankings up some in the search engines but not much. I also tried they help you bring traffic to to your site. The only problem with them is the people they get to view your site are just trying to get views on their site. It is good for increasing your rankings but not for getting clicks on the ads on your site. I plan on trying a couple of other things this week and seeing how that goes. More to come in the next couple of days :)

If it looks to good to be true it probably is!

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If it looks to good to be true it probably is!
By: Steven Garcia
POSTED: Monday, May 16, 2011  



Over the past couple of months I have had a lot of customers come by with offers from other dealerships that were way below invoice. This got me thinking about a couple of things.

  • Why didn't the customer buy the vehicle?
  • Why would the dealer even put that price out there?

After doing a little research a talking with a couple of customers I think I have come up with the answer to both questions.

Why didn't the customer buy the vehicle?

I think that most customers don't buy the vehicle because they either didn't know how good of a deal they were getting or after they accepted the offer the dealership wouldn't honor the price without them buying other stuff.

Why would the dealer even put that price out there?

There are a couple of reasons why a dealership puts really low prices in their advertising. The main reason for this has to do with the amount of uneducated customers that are out there, this usually lures them in. Many customers when they start out looking for a car look for the car that has the most equipment and the best looks that meets their needs. After that they look for the cheapest price, normally by sending in price quote request to dealers. I think that after a customer finds a vehicle that they like they should use other resources online (ex. to find out pricing information. Then submit a couple of inquiries and go with the place that is closest in pricing to what they came up with AND treats them the best.

To many times have I seen people go with the cheapest place that they find, and then when they have a problem no one is there to help them. You get what you pay for! Buying a car needs to be looked at as a relationship with that dealership. More time needs to be spent finding out about the dealership and what happens after the sale, and I'm not talking about free oil changes for a year!

Here are some questions that you should have answered before you buy:

  • How long has the salesperson been there?
  • How long has management been there?
  • Is there a follow up process in place after the sale?
  • What is their follow up policy
  • Are there loaner cars in service?
  • What are some of the benifits of servicing there?
  • ....anything else that is important to you

This is just a couple of things that should be considered. I think that dealers and customers should have a better understanding of each other and work together.



Who are you hiring?

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The most important thing that you need to look at is ATTITUDE. This more than likely won’t show up during the interview, it will take a couple of weeks. You need to ask yourself is the attitude that my employees have, the attitude that I want my company to portray?

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Are you hiring people who share the same goal that you have or are you hiring just to fill a spot? The people who you are hiring should have the same common goal that you have. You should not be hiring people who are just looking to make a little money and move on. Think about it, if you weren’t planning on making a career out of your job would you be putting in 100%?

The people who aren’t ready for a career are also normally the people in a work place who try to bring everyone else down. These people are a virus and they are spreading their disease to your other employees. Get them out before it’s to late.

Real Time data!

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One of the other things that needs to be looked at is real-time data. If a salesperson takes a phone up the customer’s information need to be put in the system then, not later!

Here is what happens… The salesperson takes an incoming phone call and gets all the information written down on a piece of paper. If the customer says “they are on the way” the salesperson then will start looking for the keys for the vehicle; and making sure that they know where the vehicle is located. What’s wrong with this?

The salesperson is going to forget to put the customer’s information in the CRM system. When the customer comes on the lot the manager doesn’t know that it was a phone up so it gets put in as a showroom up. Eventually what is going to happen is the only customers who get put in the CRM system are customers who you don’t get an appointment with.

This could be a part of why your phone up closing ratio is low! Here is what should happen… The salesperson gets a phone up > the information is then given to a manager to either verify the appointment or to try to create one > manager is also going to make sure that the information is in the CRM system and that it is accurate.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Off topic: Autotrader buying program

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On Saturday I stumbled into the Autotrader buying site. I filled in the information on my car because I just so happen to want to sell my car. If you don’t know how the site works you put in all the information for your vehicle on the site and it gives you a guaranteed price for your car as long as it is described correctly.

I was pretty impressed by the offer considering what Carmax had offered me. Once you get the offer they then direct you to one of their locations near you (a car dealership). I was expecting the dealer to honor the price but try to sell me something that they had on the lot. What happened was the exact opposite (LOL). They didn’t try to sell me something, but the didn’t offer the trade in off either.

I was told that the reason it was lower was because of the miles and because I have black rims? When you do the online appraisal it asks for the miles so I don’t see how that changed anything now that I was there? As for the black rims, I don’t know what to say to that.

In the end it was just another creative way to get a customer on the lot. Don’t get me wrong, they were still higher than Carmax but not by much. I wonder is it the consumer that has forced dealers to come up with new ideas; or is it all the advertising that we are constantly bombarding the customers with?

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